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International Our international presence

Brain value disseminates its studies in more than 30 countries.

Brain Value is the specialist of International research which represents 70% of its activity. We work in more than 30 countries by relying on a solid network of local partners.

In this development context, we have established 2 subsidiaries in our clients’ most strategic markets: China and the United States.

International research with Brain Value

Our mission is to help our clients position the consumer at the heart of their strategies, within all the markets they operate. To this end, we have developed a specific approach for international studies

Teams trained
to inter-culturalism:

Consumers evolve in a culture which influences their way of thinking, living, consuming and their relationship to brands.

It conditions the way we communicate with consumers, depending on the country in which they live, and impacts the insights we gather: a number are directly rooted into their cultural context.

For better efficiency with interlocutors of different cultures, and a good understanding of the cultural contexts in which

These skills enable us to enrich our analyses of cultural data.

This also leads us to differentiating our discussion guides to adapt them to local cultural contexts (e.g. we don’t question a Chinese individual as we wouldan American).

CHINA Brain Value China

China keeps all its promises thanks to sustained growth. Chinese people’s commitment to the world of consumption, their purchasing power et their taste for brands, has often made China a key market for our clients.

No-one better understands the Chinese consumer than the Chinese themselves: for that reason, Brain Value has implemented a 100% Chinese team, creating a bridge between our clients, often occidental, and the Chinese consumer.
Trained with our approaches, our team offers all types of research

(explorations, concept testing, advertising testing, brand overview, segmentation…).

Our team moderates strategic workshops by reuniting local marketing branches and international teams.

Brain Value China develops between 30 and 40 research studies per year in China, in numerous categories — relating either to a Chinese phase within international studies, or local research alongside international or Chinese clients.

Our objective is to be as close as possible to the Chinese consumer and his or her culture, in order to identify the best insights on the market for our clients.

The idea is also to understand Chinese trends and cultural shifts, and the marketing implications, which is why we create trend books.

Example trend books include:

Our offices

Located in the business centre of Shanghai, near Jingan Temple, Brain Value’s offices are equipped with a focus group and workshop room.

Team and Management

Vivian Shi

Brain Value China

Vivian manages Brain Value China after having collaborated with Brain Value for several years before joining in 2017. She has 17 years of experience in qualitative research (Wisdom Asia, Millward Brown Firefly, Synovate China, Ipsos Link). Vivian masters all moderation techniques and possesses deep experience regarding certain strategic targets including women and young people.

Our team

Brain Value China is positioned as a « boutique « agency, which means having the leitmotiv to provide a personalized service to its clients. All the team (all from Chinese nationality), is trained to understand the Chinese consumer and its drivers.


Administrative Assistant


Senior Research Executive


Senior Research Executive


Managing Director


Research Director

USA Brain Value USA

The United-States represents a strategic market for our clients and is exciting to analyse. We accompany brands in their understanding of the American consumer in order to seize the most relevant insights.

Whether it relates to an American phase of a more global research study or local research studies, we are present in the United-States since 2015 and accomplish more than 30 research studies a year.

Our team is managed by Anna-Lisa Baskmaty Rodrigues and relies on many external resources (moderators, facilities, recruitment).


Associate Director

Anna-Lisa graduated with an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.
Anna-Lisa has more than 15 years professional experience, first by working for Conagra Food, where she worked on several nutrition brands like Hunt’s. She then entered the world of qualitative research. She founded and managed Sunesis Marketing for 3 years, before joining MMR Research in New York, where she worked for Coca-Cola, Campbell’s and L’Oréal USA.


Fieldwork Manager

With 14 years’ experience in fieldwork coordination, including 9 years alongside Millward Brown and Opinion Way, Kathleen ensures quality recruitment for Brain Value USA, in all main cities and for all types of projects.