Understanding the new Omnichannel purchasing pathways in the makeup category via a Design Thinking approach

The briefing The briefing

The beauty sector has been greatly impacted by the new digital approaches of Generation Y, who are thoroughly changing their sources of influence and purchasing behaviours.

The Omnichannel topic has become central to brand strategies, especially in makeup, which is the most Omnichannel pathway of all beauty categories: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTubers and Bloggers have become touchpoints that are as important as traditional media.

In this context, L’Oréal Luxe wanted to understand the omnichannel pathways of makeup buyers.

Design Thinking Design Thinking

BrainValue’s Design Thinking Approach

More and more, consumer-centric approaches are being used so as to bring out powerful insights into current topics. This is why BrainValue favoured a Design Thinking approach.
So as to obtain inspiration and new perspectives, BrainValue put into action its tool named BIG: Brain Innovation for Growth.