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We like to start from our clients’ business goals and to create tailor-made methodologic tools.

In order to enrich our understanding of a topic and to deliver richer recommendations, we create hybrid projects including different and complementary methodological bricks (face to face Qual, Strategic Planning, Digital, Quant…).

Researches Strategic researches

A strong expertise on strategic researches

Exploratory and target researches

Brand strategy



For each of the above areas we offer specific tools that we will make available to you upon your request.

Our methodologies

Whether it is traditional methodologies, projective or ethno-marketing, as well as digital methodologies (communities, app, web listening…) Brain Value is comfortable with all methodologies and will suggest the approach that best fits your goals.

We innovate with hybrid methodologies, combining different components such as strategic planning or semiology in addition to more classic research approach, so as to enrich consumers’ understanding through different lenses.

Digital Digital Research at Brain Value

Digital researches are at the heart of Brain Value’s positioning

We do not shop the way we used to. Under the influence of the digital revolution, a new consumer is appearing.

It is necessary to speak the same way than consumers and

Digital researches are no longer just an option, they have become a priority approach in our business.

Les études digitales chez Brain Value

Digital researches are an everyday reality at Brain Value, whether it is digital pre-task before an ‘offline’ fieldwork or fully digital researches.

Our digital methodologies encompass 4 main approaches:

Online Communities

Whether it is communities gathering targeted profiles (early adopters, experts) or ‘mainstream’ consumers, we love working with online communities.

Online communities allow to build a relationship over time, and to take advantage of a longer duration to further investigate certain aspects, such as collecting information before and after the use of a product. With their anchorage into daily routines, those communities fit with consumers’ pace of life. They are also a very efficient way to identify relevant consumers’ insights

. Eventually, they are also very cost-effective, especially in the case of cross-countries researches.

Blue Eye, the Brain Value app

Downloadable on the App Store and on Android, Blue Eye is a tool used to collect visual data (photos and videos) and insights, from consumer’s smartphones. It allows us to gather data closest to your consumer’s life: in situ, in outlets when consumers are shopping, at home, in their intimacy, or while traveling.
The gathering of data is visible in real time on a dashboard that is accessible to our clients, and on which they can intervene for moderation purposes.

A methodological add-on or a research main approach in itself, Blue Eye is centered around 3 types of researches:

Safari: retail and living environments
- In order to see their nomadic universe and the places they visit related to the product category
- To better picture User Experience
- To photograph products in-store

Ethno-marketing research
A method that consists in asking consumers to photograph and comment with their insights parts of their living spaces that have to do with the investigated topic (fridge, first-aid kit, bathroom…)

Usage research
This allows to photograph and understand the usage of a product or service, or to focus on consumption moments (aperitif, breakfast…) and to visualize them.

As part of our international activity, Blue Eye is available in five languages, including Chinese. A necessary tool for our Shanghai subsidiary, on a market where smartphone usage is instrumental.

Web Listening

Brands are a key theme of online discussion. Analyzing conversations based on their topic, or the usages people make of them, is a great source of insights.

With our technical partners, specialized in web listening, we have developed web listening not in a logic of representativeness, but with the aim of identifying insights and trends.

Web listening is particularly interesting upstream from Brand Assessments, by informing on key aspects of spontaneous conversation about the brand, or as part of exploratory studies, where it can reveal emerging trends and new consumption practices.

Artificial Intelligence:

Brain Value offers an Artificial Intelligence tool that enables to identify and select online content and sources, about themes that are important for your brand, or simply emerging themes within your category. As an add-on to classic methodologies, this adds a more prospective mean of understanding, to accompany our clients in reaching their goals.

Consumer Digital consumer

Understanding and seducing a new generation of consumers

The collaborative economy, social networks, new usages of cell phones, the reinvention of the act of purchasing… the digital revolution is shaping a new generation of consumers.

The way they get information about brands, their purchasing pathways, their levels of demands, and their uses are changing, and nothing will be the same again. This work, published in November 2016, analyses key insights and new consumption practices. It identifies new marketing approaches so as to involve and seduce digital consumers.

Consommateur Digital

Clients Our clients

We are pleased to accompany some of the world’s finest brands in their development

Beauty, luxury, automobiles, food, technology, banking-insurance etc.…BrainValue is a multi-specialist institute. We work on all the main categories with devoted poles of skillsets.

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